Cadence in 10

I am an animal lover, a writer, and a friend to many. I feel so much passion for so many things.

I come from fishing, mud puddles, and dirt.”it’s not fun unless you get your hands dirty”

My mom, animals, and drawing are a few things that are very important to me. I especially love swimming, bonfires, and sea creatures.

In life I want to accomplish having a job I enjoy doing, a family, and my own house with lots of animals (hopefully a farm). I want to sustain healthy, happy relationships with people that will benefit and change my life for the better.

I have many challenges in life but the ones I often face are creating healthy strong friendships, getting out of bed in the morning and feeling motivated for my future, although i get through it with a smile smile on my face on even the hardest of days.

Something about me is that when I was 5 me and my dad had matching green quads although mine was a mini version of his. We were out driving at the lake and he was going so fast! So in my little mind I felt that I needed to go fast too, he slowed down and turned the corner to go out to the sand dunes where we do tricks. I didn’t know that at corners you have to slow down, so I ran into the yield sign and flipped the quad and it landed on my hip. It all happened so fast; after I got up and dusted myself off I got back on and rode back to the cabin to go get some bandaids. To this day that sign is still bent.

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