Why I Don’t Feel Shame

I don’t feel shame because for me, there is nothing for me to be ashamed about. I have a baby, I have depression, I have anxiety but I’m not ashamed of them in fact I embrace them. They make up who I am. If I didn’t have depression, anxiety or a baby, I wouldn’t be the same, I would be a whole different person. I love the way I am and I wouldn’t change that for anything not even if you gave me a thousand dollar’s, I still wouldn’t change myself just so I could feel shame. That’s not me, that’s not what I want to be as a person. I love myself, I love who I am. If I didn’t have a baby, depression or anxiety, I wouldn’t be the same person I am now, the person I was yesterday, the person I will be tomorrow and the person I will be for the rest of my life and I’m fine with that because I know that I am not ashamed to be who I am.

When someone tried to make me feel shame, it didn’t work how she wanted it. She wanted to make me feel ashamed that I chose to have a baby at fifteen or she would just call me down. She wanted me to feel shame because that’s all she felt because of the way she was to a lot of people but it didn’t work on me so she just stopped paying attention to me but that didn’t stop her from making me feel bad but that is a different story that I cannot share.

This world has lots of things that make us feel shame. Some of us are ashamed because their parent’s make them feel that way or they have a body image that make’s them feel ashamed or a certain feature, the way they talk, dress, walk, look or act just know that you aren’t alone, most people go threw shame and can tell you how is feel’s and my guess is that it doesn’t feel good at all. Some body out there will understand maybe even one of your friend’s, parent’s , teacher’s or someone close to you. Almost everyone has felt shame so you don’t have to be alone.

Shame shouldn’t take over your life.


I found what you wrote a beautiful piece, i could feel tugging on my heart strings. I think i read this at least 20 times because it is so wonderfully done. Knowing you’re a mom and proud is amazing because even though i dont know you personally my guess would you’re young, but to not feel shame is interesting because i personally think that people need to feel some shame. Anyways thanks for sharing this Beautiful piece.

thank you so much. yes, i am young. i don’t feel shame because when i was younger, people tried to put shame on me all the time and i got sick of it so i just stopped listening to them and whenever i did something wrong, i didn’t care because i know that i wont feel ashamed just because i did something wrong but thank you so much.

I am very much amazed and impressed about you not feeling shame. I can’t help but feel shame for so many things, even things that aren’t wrong per say. How do you do it?

it isn’t easy, i try and not to feel quilt when i know i have done something wrong, i push it done so it doesn’t bring me down with it. if you let your emotions take over then you’ll be a walking water bag if you cry all the time or a bomb, ready to go off if someone says the wrong thing to you or does something that triggers you into blowing up, you just gotta push through it and know that shame is just there to make you feel mad about something you have done to someone, something or even yourself, you just have to brush it off and try not to think about it, its not a big deal unless your harming yourself and you feel ashamed about it then that is a time where you cant push it away, you have to tell someone right away.

its not fun to have that’s for sure but it shouldn’t bug you unless your friends are trying to make you do something stupid or starting a new school.

in life you have to embrace a lot of things and sometimes you have to take it one day at a time, yeah life seems pretty good until you start getting into relationships and fights with best friends or even parents, you have to embrace life and take everything it throws your way.

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