Kylie in 10+

What’s important to you? 

I’m an animal lover, my favorites are pandas, lions, ducks, dogs, cats and foxes. 

A goal this year:  

My goal this year is to help manage my mental illnesses better and learning healthier ways to cope. 

Challenges you have: 

Thinking things are getting better than something so little happens, and it takes me back to where I started. I give up on things easily, I have an all or nothing mindset.  

Story from my life 

My favorite color is purple, I like other colors, but purple has always been my favorite. I love playing with my pets and other peoples.  

I have post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. These all affect my daily living and how I see everything in my life.  It feels like every second, it’s a struggle and I hope I can find better ways to cope with the things going on. 

I love my cat, boyfriend and my family. My friends are supportive as my boyfriend is too, who I spend basically everyday with. Im so grateful that his family likes me and that my family likes him. 

We went on trips with each other’s family’s together this summer; fishing with my mom and grandpa, Manitoba with his family. 

 I went to Calgary with my family to Callaway Park and the Zoo. It was really fun and the hotel we stayed at was the best hotel I‘ve seen in all of our trips we’ve been to. 

I love playing video games with my friends, when we have the same game on both our systems. My favorite game on my PlayStation is Grand Theft Auto 5.  

I love drawing, singing, gymnastics. I used to sing a lot and I would call myself a pretty good one. I love gymnastics but it’s been so long since I’ve done it (about 3 years) 

I like reading things like mystery books like goosebumps, but that was when I was about 13. I would read different books about mystery that probably involve adults or something. 


What was it like when you went to the Calgary zoo? I’ve always wondered. I’ve always wanted to go myself but I was never able to convince my parents to take me.

ive been playing gta since i was like 11 or something like that now im 16 lol it gets old after playing so long i’ve gotta find new games too play. borderlands 2 is pretty sweet too

personally you seem like a very nice person and seem very easy to get along with. i myself love animals too!! but i hope you know you youre not alone. many people struggle with the same things as you. everyone has their struggles. hopefully one day we can be friends and if you ever need someone to talk to i can help out.

it’s really good that you have people in you’re life to support you with you’re mental illnesses. And its also really good that u have life goals

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