Ten Things About Me


  1. My favorite weather is followed by thunder and lightning.
  2. There is only 1 colour i havent dyed my hair.
  3. I am pretty darn short compared to most people my age.
  4. I love milk, but there is on flavour I like more than the rest. 
  5. Tye dye is my favorite pattern/design. All of the tye dye shirts i have i made myself.
  6. I am 100% a control freak, I definitely like things done my way. 
  7. I’m so stubborn that once my mind is set on one thing you can’t change my mind no matter what. 
  8. I’m a very irritated person. I get mad/pissed off very easily even when i don’t mean to.
  9. My attention span is short and I get bored very easily. 
  10. I wear an oddly large amount of jewelry. 
  11. I drive an old truck.
  12. I’m in love with Jaxson Nancarrow!

Quote- “Just because the moons to high doesn’t mean you can’t reach for the stars”

Goal- To have people in my life who love me for me and not my things and stuff.     

Anecdote- A few summers ago, me and my friends were walking around moose jaw as bored teenagers do. None of us had data so we went to peacock to get wifi to text our other friends to come hangout. Well we were waiting for people to answer our boredom kicked in, so we were just messing around making jokes and just having a good time. Me and my girlfriend were walking around peacock when all the sudden we noticed a open window, it was kinda broken because it couldn’t close properly. We ran and told our other friends and before I knew it they were trying to convince me and my girlfriend to go inside and run around peacock. Before i could even think we were both hurdling ourselves up this wall and through the window. We both had such an adrenaline rush, it was so dark inside peacock it was kinda scary. We didn’t recognize the room we were in so we were kinda confused on where to go. We ran into the closet hallway and went down to the end. We were in the main hallway but the school was almost unrecognizable, we thought we heard a noise in one of the hallways so we ran upstairs to the second floor and boosted out the big step doors. Our friends were standing there laughing with us at the fact we went into peacock during the summer.

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