First Steps into WordPlace

This space is where students and teachers in Grad Support will share our thoughts and ideas. Here we are safe to be creative, critical, and curious.

This site is a closed space. You must log in to the site to write posts, comment on other posts, and to add to the discussion area.

No one can comment on a blog post without one of your teachers approving the comment. Teachers will also approve published posts before they appear in the site.

Under Coordinates, we, your Grad Support teachers, will post resources and guiding questions. Your job then, is to think deeply about the conversations and the activities that happen in our classrooms. How do the ideas presented in class connect to you?

In the Conversations discussion area, please jump in and respond to the questions and thoughts by your teachers and peers. This is a like a long chat page: you need to respond to 10 questions throughout the course.

Under Curiosities you can share posts as often as you like – you need to post 10 times throughout the course, plus your introduction and your peer responses. In this section we hope you will use your healthy decision making skills to be vulnerable, and to push each other’s thinking in new and healthy ways.

First Post (Curiosity)

This week, as you reflect on your first full week in school, take time to get logged into WordPlace and to write an introductory post. We are asking you to share Ten (or more) Things You should know About Me.

Your post will let everyone else know a bit about you, who you are, what is important to you, your goals and challenges, and a short anecdote from your life. Remember, photos are always good.

Image credit: “10 things: Sharpies” flickr photo by Crystl

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