Arber in 10+

Arber in +10

Hi, I’m Arber Gashi attending Central Collegiate. I’m 15 years old in grade 10. My likes are, I like watching hockey and I loved playing the sport too, I love going camping to with family and friends, and I like tubing, knee boarding, and surfing. I love doing stuff with family it gets us closer and more fun like doing a BBQ or going to buffalo pound and traveling different places. My dislikes are how there is 8 hours in a day at school and 10 months of it, I also dislike when I tell someone stuff and they go around and spreading it. I also really dislike how my family is really strict with me. I like how this year a lot of my families went to one of my cousins wedding, I liked it because I was surrounded of family and we would all get together and talk and have parties/BBQ and we have some big speakers so we also played music, When I get out of high school we plan on moving to Toronto and I will go to university or SIAST or I will just go for construction work, unless my dad buys a business then I will be working with him, then probably after I would like to move to Europe in Germany because I got family there and also my dad’s home is close, it’s in Kosovo, and the weather is hot and there is a lot of beaches there and you get paid good money in Germany. I would also like my dad to win the lottery and then just live life, my dad already almost won but the “n” didn’t come. I’m just guessing that’s a sign that my dad might win it. My dad had a hard life and works really hard and still takes care of us, especially of his mom and dad so he really deserves to be happy.

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