Shame Post

When doing this assignment I struggled a bit do to the fact that I don’t really feel shame, I used to but not anymore.

Im very happy with who I am and I do what I do because it feels right in my own way.

Most of what I wrote in my journal was very bland because of the fact I don’t really feel shame but there was a question that stuck out it was “what don’t you want to be seen as”.

That question stuck out because of what I wrote down, it was the things people used to call me, thought of me or things I thought they thought of me when I was little.

Bullying was a huge problem in my childhood not just from kids but from adults too. People used to think I was this angry, unintelligent, crazy kid who they didn’t understand, and they made this very clear.

Most of my problems back then came from me feeling shame for who I was when I did nothing wrong, but I was wronged by others.

Nowadays if someone thought something of me they could just go with those thoughts and it wouldn’t make a difference to me.

I knew someone who tried shaming me all the time and when he did try he had this smug look on his face like he had just won a war or something. And about 40% of the time I was thinking about how he cant take any criticism and if I said anything he would cry and the other 60% I just didn’t care.

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