Shaytawna in 10+

I am a sister to 11 siblings related and 5 siblings non-related. I am a daughter to a crazy mother and an even crazier dad. I can also be a best friend and helper to anyone that may need me at that time. I cherish my family more than anything else.  

I love to sing and write songs as well as dance, draw, play instruments. I have won various awards for dance, drawing, and singing. I also have a YouTube channel where I upload covers and my originals. I like babysitting and spending time with my younger siblings, for I like it when the children are super happy to see me and eager to learn or do the things I know how to do. They really do keep me going.  

I dislike cold weather as well as hot weather, bugs, apples, people who lie, and feet. Crazy right? I am a very picky person as well as honest and loyal to the end. I won’t intentionally bring someone down and I don’t like people who disrespect me or my personal info. I am not afraid to stand up and talk back to anyone.  

I grew up with boys everywhere all the time and no mom for most of my childhood. I took over the role of my mother when she wasn’t home. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, yardwork, taking care of the pets, and eventually babysitting my newborn sister. It wasn’t easy most days, but it did teach me to be responsible and to be a good housewife. 

I remember when I was in grade five and I had to audition to sing o Canada at one of the warrior games. I beat the 4 other girls who auditioned as well as the good grade 8 singer who tried out. I got to have a jersey and get my hair done up all nice. It was cool being on the ice and everyone watching you sing and singing along.  

I believe in people being able to change and grow. I believe in myself being the best me I can possibly be. 

I believe everyone deserves a chance at anything they are passionate or curious about.  

I don’t believe in excuses. I don’t believe in lying.  

I don’t believe in authority or people who think they are more special than everyone else just because they got more. I believe in equal social acceptance. 

I am me, and that’s all I ever want to be. Not what everyone thinks I am or wants me to be.  

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