Shame Post

I had no idea I was feeling shame until i learned about it. I used to blame it all on other people. I never admitted to feeling shame because I didn’t know I was feeling it. Learning about it now, I have learned that when I feel shame I run and I hide from everyone and everything around me, hoping that when I return all the problems would be gone. I’ve never been the type of person to admit that I have messed up in any way. Looking back on my mistakes I realize now that I was feeling shame from never owing up to my mistakes or asking for help when I had a problem i couldn’t deal with on my own. Learning about shame has taught me that I need to stop running away every time things get hard and i need to deal with the consequences and use my power to fight my own battles. I need to start relying on myself instead of other people. I’ve always leaned on my peers and teachers, hoping they would fix my problems/mistakes for me. All in all i’m I learned that I need to work on myself and help myself in ways that others cannot help me.

-Carley Demyen

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