the time i felt shame

in the past i went camping one year i meet this girl one year and i fell in love with her she had a brother and in my mind i thought if i showed power she might like me she rejected me so when she asked her bro to play with my cousin he said no instead of leaving it at that i choked the kid against the bath room wall then he and she ran away and as i tried to walk away my aunties friends husband who was a mounting of man dragged me to our camp site that is where i felt the most life after that i was in ragged for so long but after that i felt very remorseful


It’s okay to be angry, but it’s not when we get physical with another person. I know this because I had anger issues and I took it out on others which was wrong of me to do, and the good thing is that I’ve deleoped healthy ways to cope with my anger.

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