Shame of Jonah

What can I say about shame that’s meaningful for you and soul bounded to me.

A shame from my life is an aspect of me that effects my very being, though I’ve learn to live with it but it’s still a hard thing to get rid of and well I’m sorry to say that I’m not fully comfortable sharing more then I need to for details, so lets talk about shame while I build up more courage to tell you about my shame.

What is Shame: shame has many forms but the greatest form is not feeling loved or wonted, now to say shame is forever is not fully a lie for some shame can be about an aspect of the person that can’t be changed though peoples support, example: Brain damage, “Ingrown limbs”, etc., and shame can even be spiritual in the sense of family lines and being a let down for example. Now there are still many parts of you and those around you who have shame that can be solved but just a hug, being a good person or even saying hi can do wonders.

Now my shame is a lot more compilated than most who know me would think. My shame is me but also not me it’s weird… but I’ve learned to except it. Now if I told you what science calls it you would say I’m crazy, Insane, Loony, but it’s me and that’s that, so what I leave with you is this, even if you do have shame in your life don’t let it control you, for shame isn’t you, YOU are you.

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