the time I felt the most shame was when I lied to my mom about going over to my friends. I was going out with an old friend and I was at my moms house and i told her that I was going over to my friends when we were going out to walk the whole night, and my mom believed me of course so while me and my friend were walking her parents saw us we tried to lie and say we were going out to go get a drink of macs but they didn’t believe so they drove us back to my house and my mom knew we had lied she made my friend go home and I was grounded that was pure shame

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Word same, I have so much things that have made me feel shameful. All the things I’ve done I am simply not proud of, and there mistakes that we can make an effort to learn from them. I know that I have learned from those mistakes, and still have so much to learn and that’s okay.

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