10 Things about me

I love old music. The 50s are best.

I wish to learn how to play piano.

My tremors bother me. They only show when I’m nervous.

Music calms me.

I used to know how to play the trumpet.

“There are only the pursued, The pursuing, The busy and the tired.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I enjoy musicals. Especially The Producers.

History fascinates me. World War II is the most interesting.

I overthink everything.

My friends are like family.

2013, New home, New start. Except it wasn’t. For little did I know my parents divorce was incoming. 2014, The years have worsened. My Grandpa and best friend has passed. The divorce is all but signed. Seperate homes are looming. 2015, The end has come and my life feels like it’s over. The stress of high school is the bow on this present of depression.

I am not positive but I hope for good things.
By June 2020 I hope to have enough credits to graduate on time.

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