Marshall in 10

things that important to me are fishing, gaming, hanging out with my bros and walking I find that I’m a very open person but can also be quite silent at times there is a lot of things about me a lot of people don’t know such as fishing is literally my most favourite thing to do ever I always walk anytime I get a chance I am walking from my own blocks to the other side of town even if I have no destination I prefer to be very active my life is built around my street family and my grandma because I know there is loyalty within them a lot of people describe me as a really chill person as literally no one ever has seen me mad another fun fact about me is I am basically addicted to McDonald’s and slushies most of my life back as a kid was pretty bad but you don’t really have a choice how your childhood would go when your not able to speak up and leave the toxic home life as a kid one of my most favourite memories would have to be cruising with my bestfriend getting food then going to a movie then going back to his house and chillin for like 4 hours.. family comes first in my life before anyone else I look out for my family and can be really protective over them at times. the one thing I look for in people is loyalty as in my opinion its the most legendary thing to find in people nowadays cause a lot of people don’t have loyalty

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