I feel shame with many things,

Not all are to be shameful of.

The biggest shame I wear with me

The shame I feel my mother give

It fits like a pink little sweater,

snug and tight

with some rose coloured hearts and fuzzy little bears

A sweater that does not fit

But a sweater I wear to see her smile

I no longer hide who I am

But that sweater still peaks out

Letting her still form me into that little girl

I do not want it

But the fear of throwing it out

The fear of completely disappointing

I am NOT that little girl you had mama

I have grown

But I am holding back

From being a man that you could be proud of

Hiding in this pink sweater

It’s choking me out

But it is big enough to let a breath in

There is a little struggle

But I get by.

Wearing that pink little sweater,

Just to see her smile.

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