Showing Up

I show up at school, J2H and at home

I show up with Josh, Ms Saas, Della, and my family

I show up by my spending time, paying attention and caring

Support, love and acceptance makes it so I can keep showing up

Showing up means to me is to not to just show up but to pay attention. To listen, love and help however that looks.

It is a struggle for me to show up at my grandparents. I go once in a while but I wear a mask. A mask that covers me. I show them what they want to see. Their little granddaughter. Perfect marks. Healthy. Everything they want to hear. I have done it for years, hiding myself from them. Knowing the disappointment to come if I was to show a bear face. Some say I should just be open and real but I fear showing up to my grandparents.

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