Showing up by Connor Papps

where am I showing up?

I am showing up at home helping my mom with laundry, making supper for the family doing the dishes.

how do I show up?

I show up with my grandpa when he is texting and driving I always raise my voice at him so we don’t get in a crash.

what keeps me showing up?

I know if I don’t show up it would make it so my Grandpa and Mom have to do everything and I don’t want it to end like that because I know my parents are so much more for just me to give up I am not that kind of kid to do that.

what does it mean for me to show up?

It usually means that whoever I am showing up for I care about them and I want the best for them if I didn’t care I wouldn’t show up for them

where can’t I show up?

I can’t show up for people that don’t show up for me and people who don’t care about me I wont show up for even if I want to show up for them.

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