What Inspired My Halloween Costume?

It all started two years ago while watching a youtuber by the name of TheBatesee, in his Cry of Fear series, I was inspired to make a Sawrunner costume which Sawrunner is Cry of Fear’s most well known enemy in the franchise, and TheBatesee was a big inspiration in my life at the time and for that I was going to make that costume in deaddiction to him, but sadly things fell through and I wasn’t able to complete the costume, and well that was 2017 Halloween and do to the release of Fnaf: Pizzeria simulator, I was Molten Freddy for 2018, but now for the Halloween of 2019 I will finally be Sawrunner and finally complete what I started in 2017!

Art by BlazeMalefica at www.deviantart.com/blazemalefica/art/Chainsaw-runner-292320551

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