Showing Up 10

Its hard for me to write about showing up because i’m so much of an introvert and i don’t do much. Im often at home spending time with my family or my S/O. When i’m at school I seem to show up much more than I have in i’d say my whole life. When im here im willing to laugh and make friends, it feels like i’m a whole new person. Its nice being able to put myself out there and express who i am without feeling judged. its hard for me to be in big crowds and have a good time so i often avoid parties and things most kids my age would find fun and entertaining. When i’m with people i’m comfortable with we can laugh for hours or even cry because i’m such an open person when I like being around someone. I love to help and care for others in times of need and I think that’s where I show up the most in my life in my opinion. I wish to be more outgoing with things that scare me like crowds and maybe one day I will. Im very self expressive in what I wear and how I present myself towards others and even myself. I love my piercings and i’ve wanted a tattoo for as long as I can remember. I often wear dark clothes and I only like wearing name brand shoes. Im very picky about what I wear but that just makes me who I am, and lately I love who I am.

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