10 things about me.

  1. i have brown hair
  2. my eyes are a dark brown
  3. i’m really good at photography
  4. i’m taller than most girls, some guys.
  5. i’m stylish
  6. everytime i move my wrist in a circle it cracks.
  7. i get panic attacks really easy if i don’t have music in.
  8. i overthink a lot.
  9. i’m actually nice, and caring when i want to be.
  10. i’m stubborn.

favorite quote.

“shakespeare once said: i cried when i had no shoes, but i stopped crying when i saw a man without legs. life is full of blessings, sometimes we don’t value it.”

short story.

i do not have a dad. he doesn’t care about his first born, which is me. last summer he said he’s going to take me to calgary then a few days before i was supposed to go he cancels and he said i was too moody for him. which i was but only to my mom because my whole summer i spent with her and i needed space. the first time he did this( this is the first time he disappointed me) i cried myself to sleeps for days sometimes i wish i had a dad but then i realize if he doesn’t love me he can suck it.

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