showing up post

I show up to things like school even when i’m stressed and i’m sick And tired of it I show up with respect and understanding. I Keep showing up because I know it’s important and it will help me Succeed but when I show up it means I care.

I can’t really show for things that I think have no purpose and may End me up in a situation I don’t want to be. If I don’t care Enough Or am not passionate about it, it may affect my performance level It’s just hard for me to work on something that I have no interest in.

If I’m not interested in it but I know it’s important I will still try Because showing up isn’t always about caring or being interested Sometimes it’s about showing up not because it benefits you but Because there are people out there who need you to show up. It Isn’t always easy or convenient but it has to be done.

Sometimes even when you try to show up things complicate that. And when that happens some people will try and tell you that you Weren’t trying but you just have to explain it to them. There will be Times where they don’t listen to you and you shouldn’t take it so Hard. I have had this happen before and it’s not a great feeling but If it really was out of your hands then you will probably get over it.

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