Showing up

Showing up to me means being involved in what others are doing around you like parties, get together’s, connecting to others ( friends, family, teachers, workers). Life is a challenge and if your showing up in your life then your living your true potential. Showing up is doing the things that your scared of doing but you need that motivation to show up in your life and taking control of your life instead of not going anywhere and not being involved. Showing up is a big part in life, you can make a huge difference if you show up in your life and take control, do the thing’s you love. Live your life because it’s your life, no body else’s, you live it the way you want, not what other’s want. Control your life, show up to parties, show up to school event‘s, show up to football game’s, hockey game’s, baseball game’s, show up in life. If you don’t show up then your not living life to the fullest like that quote “Live life to the fullest.” That’s what you have to do, live life to the fullest. You can’t hide away your whole life, go out, enjoy your life. Be yourself, we where created to find out who we really are and that time is now, it’s time to find who we are to let our spirit’s free, to. live. the. life. we. have.

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