Showing up

What is showing up to me? Showing up to me was not always just attending school on time, or never missing a single shift at work. Although it is important to show up for these kind of things,its also being a part of certain activities such as, being involved in sports, school activities, family gatherings, and finding your people.

You’re only young once, so don’t be like the others and depend on every fun thing, or what others are doing. It’s important to do things on your own.

In grade 9, my first year of high school, I thought it was all about being liked, or being popular, being noticed, or invited to everything. Now that I look back, I wish I didn’t put myself out there so much especially since I was young. I wanted to be like the older kids and fit in. I wanted to go to every party.

Now that I am older, I am able to look back and remember all the drama I was a part of, all the friend groups I went through, all the school days I skipped out on, and how a lot of rumours went around about me, that now isn’t worth the time or day. The more you put yourself out there, and how you act around people gives them a clear idea of how you want to be treated. How I used to show up, isn’t all about how many friends I had. I can now say I matured a lot since my first two years of high school, I understand life more, my feelings and learned how to cope when difficult situations were thrown at me. I never showed up for myself then but I do now. I still show up by going to school, and going to work, or when my friends are feeling down. But most importantly I show up for myself by not always depending on other people.

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