How I Show Up.

I show up to most things, there’s hardly anything that I wouldn’t feel comfortable showing up to. I like showing up, I like being out there. Most people who know me know that, but I wasn’t always like this. I used to be introverted to everyone who wasn’t my friend, I used to be a very angry person. All of this was happening in elementary, a place where you should be alive and be a kid. It sort of changed when my dad started coming back into my life after being gone so long. When he came back I started putting myself out there. It also changed a lot when I went into high school, I started getting a lot of friends and realized that I could focus on other things besides bad stuff that was going on at home. I started to be more happy than angry. I like to put my self out there because if I don’t I feel lonely and anxious. If I could give anyone advice I’d tell them to never not put your self out there, you could meet so many new friend, try new things.

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