10 things about me

1 I smoke too much weed

2 I’m not successful in life

3 I wish i new 3 people in the whole world and NO ONE else

4 I start to shake when i havent smoked any weed

5 Id rather be alone then in love

6 I’m scared to face reality and im scared to change

7 I want to go to treatment to get better

8 I’m not myself anymore

9 my body is sore all the time

10 I have zero believe in religion

“life is a party,until we die”

so one day me and my bestfriend harley the blackist were skipping school.we went to my moms like always cuz no one is ever home,we were listening to music and smoking. all of a sudden i heard the door being unlocked it was my grandma and i was gonna be in trouble. i grabbed my piece and ganj and we went out the back door we didn’t even put shoes on,but it was winter so we froze our feet. soon we were too cold and had to go except our doom and talk to my grandma i hid all my contraband, when we got back she took us to school and i got grounded.

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