Author: Cuda


I feel the most comfortable and at peace when I’m with friends. Whether it’s going cruising or if it’s something simple, like just hanging out at a park…


I think that finding your purpose is important, because if you never find out your purpose, you spend your whole life wondering what you’re meant to be or…

Comments by Cuda

  1. Comment by Cuda on post Grounded" (Nov 23, 2022)
    "do you feel like nature calms your inner self, and puts you at peace?"
  2. Comment by Cuda on post Safe place" (Nov 23, 2022)
    "Do you feel as driving cars might be therapeutic for some people?"
  3. Comment by Cuda on post What is Your Purpose" (Nov 23, 2022)
    "Do you think you will eventually figure out your purpose? Or do you think it's one of those things that doesn't have an answer?"