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  1. Comment by Purple My Urkle :) on post How in Your Life Do You Practice Showing Up?" (Oct 23, 2019)
    "I show up at school and do the work. I pay attention. I ask for help. I show up with my boyfriend. If he isn't doing well, I don't let him go off with pretending to be okay. I push for him to tell or comfort. I show up at home. I come home early or right after school. I talk to my family. I eat supper. I talk about my day and my struggles. I show up for J2H. I go to all meetings. I share my ideas. I help with projects. I do the work outside of the group."
  2. Comment by Purple My Urkle :) on post Iris – This is Me" (Sep 30, 2019)
    "I want to tell you that it sounds like you have come a long way while living in the situation you're in and I want you to know, I am proud of you. I know it probably doesn't mean much but I know life is hard. Yours, harder than mine but I have my struggles too. These struggles in life make you the person you are and I hope you grow into a beautiful flower. Honestly, already sounds like you have began to blossom. Sometimes, you'll wilt but if you blossom the next day or even in the next month, you have done amazing. I wish you luck through your journey in life. :)"
  3. Comment by Purple My Urkle :) on post Why I Don’t Feel Shame" (Sep 30, 2019)
    "I am very much amazed and impressed about you not feeling shame. I can't help but feel shame for so many things, even things that aren't wrong per say. How do you do it?"