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Social Justice

I’m very passionate about drug addictions, murdered people, police brutality and how our society and the system works. In my old community all those things are an everyday…

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  1. Comment by sc12cc on post How in Your Life Do You Practice Showing Up?" (Oct 30, 2019)
    "I only really show up with my best friend. I am not truly me with anyone else or anywhere else. I fake most things, especially who I truly am. With my friends I speak my mind and I'm not afraid to be loud and out there, but without them I am small. I am only a mere presence with a cold touch. I am not fueled with fire unless I am doing something I am passionate about. I am like a dead body, and man do I wish I was there already. I can't ever really be myself, because I am scared to let people in and for them to see what's going on. I've done that a couple times with a couple people, and I was treated as a problem who didn't belong where I was. I've been neglected and used, and I am still trying to heal from that to this day. The worst part about that, is I wasn't only neglected by other people, but I also neglected myself. That has broken me so badly. That is why I have shown up in bad relationships with friends and "lovers", but none of that is real. I don't really show up ever, and to me that is okay, because I don't want to show up in the world unless it has to do with music, political stance, or writing. If not I am going to hide in the darkness of my mind and fake everything till the day I go."
  2. Comment by sc12cc on post Ashlee :10 Things you should know about me" (Oct 2, 2019)
    "I feel about the school thing; it's not the best, but we gotta get through it. You are so amazing! I love how you are up front and honest like you said. You hide nothing back from people, and that's awesome! Your puppies were so cute, and I'm so sorry for your loss. You are going to do amazing things in this world and you deserve the whole world!"
  3. Comment by sc12cc on post Ms. Montgomery in 10+" (Oct 2, 2019)
    "You are so strong and amazing! I'm so glad you are not only a teacher but a mom figure as well to me. You have taught me so many important things like, and helped me to find myself."
  4. Comment by sc12cc on post A glimpse into my life" (Oct 2, 2019)
    "You seem quite amazing, and I'm very happy for you that have these amazing people in your life. I hope you get all that you dreamed of, because it seems like you deserve the world. :)"
  5. Comment by sc12cc on post Emma Boice – 10+" (Oct 2, 2019)
    "This is so poetic and so beautiful. I felt the emotions flowing out of your words, and it's absolutely amazing. You are a true writer! I care for you so much and this left me breathless. Emma you have a real talent. Keep your head up, because so many good things are to come in this life."
  6. Comment by sc12cc on post Shelby 10+" (Oct 2, 2019)
    "Thank you, and i get that loyalty does demonstrate that but I've just never seen love before."
  7. Comment by sc12cc on post Shelby 10+" (Oct 2, 2019)
    "Well it seems like we both got some work to do, but we'll get through. Everyone is always tougher than they realize."
  8. Comment by sc12cc on post Shelby 10+" (Oct 2, 2019)
    "Thank you very much."
  9. Comment by sc12cc on post Shelby 10+" (Oct 2, 2019)
    "Thank you so much bro! That means so much to me. I love you too, and you as well will do such amazing things. You are gonna do amazing things!"