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  1. Comment by sh12cc on post How in Your Life Do You Practice Showing Up?" (Oct 30, 2019)
    "I am lacking at showing up for anything if I am being honest. Although I am here most of the time I am never really here. I show up and complain and then leave. I find it hard to commit to things lately, and for the past two years I have really lost myself. I am a plane going on autopilot just along for the ride. I would love to show up to everything at the times I am supposed to and stay for the whole time. It is important to show up to exceed at the things I want to get better at. One day I will be at the place I was before everything hit the fan. I will push myself to stand up for me and show up to the most important of things going on around me. I will be stronger and I will show up. I will not be brought down by mistakes and my past anymore."
  2. Comment by sh12cc on post Jonah in 10" (Oct 3, 2019)
    "I love the fact that you're creative I love drawing and singing and everything! It is amazing being able to express yourself through your words or drawings. Especially if you need a vent!"
  3. Comment by sh12cc on post Where I belong" (Oct 3, 2019)
    "Hey! i understand how it feels to not be comfortable in school. I have never really felt accepted, but I think about it as a workplace or a prison haha. I go there for school and to graduate and i get to be me whoever likes it or not. I mean you really have to find yourself is what I'm saying and go through the motions and if you have friends who accept and love you hold onto them and if people don't like you for you? Then who cares? Chances are you'll feel so much better if you just turn a blind eye to the people who don't matter in your life and spend your time cherishing those who do."