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  1. Comment by Taurus<3 on post Caramel" (Feb 3, 2020)
    "Keep fighter for you girl! You are worth it Queen. You have grown to be such a strong and beautiful you. Finding self love is a struggle everyone deals with at some point but in reality we are each our own person and that’s what makes us unique. No ones the same and that’s the beauty of life. Just always remember you are a warrior and you can kick anything’s ass that comes your way B!"
  2. Comment by Taurus<3 on post My resiliency" (Feb 3, 2020)
    "I’m super happy that you are growing from this experience. It matured you a lot and it put some things into perspective. I’m happy you got your licence in this time to make t a little easier on you. We are all very proud of you! I know how close you are with your mom and this would’ve been super hard for you. Best wishes bro<3"