5 Acts of Kindness

I like being a nice person. It’s how I was raised. I didn’t have much as a kid so I know what it’s like to need a little extra help when we were struggling to make rent. I still put some money in a hat for someone on the street and I smiled at everyone I passed. I came from good people who were determined not to be like the rest of their family, selfish and addicted. They didn’t want to raise their kids like that and that really imprinted on me.

#1, we went to the most beautiful country I have ever seen there was a little boy with purple and blue hair who slept on the street we were originally concerned because hair dye is an expensive import and you can’t get it there so either someone dyed his hair out of the kindness of their heart or and this scared me it’s a calling card and that’s how bad people know to find him I didn’t like that thought and this little boy broke my mom’s heart we saw him in the street sleeping in front of a security guard so people don’t mess with him. I couldn’t do it so we spoke to him and he speaks a little English and we found out that both of his parents are dead and he has nothing so the day we left he gave my mom a bracelet and we told him that we will put him in school and find him a home I wanted nothing more than to take him back to Canada but clearly I couldn’t,  it killed me.

#2, one time my neighbour in Rocanville was leaving for a week and she hired me and my sister to take care of her cat we did but when she got back she forgot to pay us, we didn’t say anything we knew she was struggling financially so we just let it go. 

#3, when we were stuck in the airport for an overnight layover in Calgary there was this mother with 3 young kids and she was in a rough spot she hadn’t slept her kids were everywhere and her husband was in line to get things cleared up she looked so tired we were having a conversation when she started to drift off, I told her to “sleep I’ll keep an eye on them.“ She put her head back and she was out. her kids sat there and one by one they fell asleep and 30 minutes later her husband came. I had to leave. I told him just let them sleep there are only 3 hours till the flight. He thanked me and sat with his family.

#4, I was in the store at Regina when this little boy came up to me and started crying because he couldn’t find his mom and it was a big store it’s okay don’t worry we’ll find her he took my hand and we walked around the store for like ten minutes before he let go of my hand “Mommy!” He ran off, hugged a lady and held her hand. I said goodbye and walked away.

#5, one day in Kerrobert I was young and there was this kid he was new but I knew his parents were not the best and I know they beat him he was only at our school for a month or two, anyway I saw him do some not so flattering graffiti on the school wall as a depiction of our teacher a teacher I like. And I knew if his parents got a call from the school it would not end well so when the teacher saw us I told her “I did it and he was helping me clean it up” I didn’t know him but he needed some kindness so I was held after school for five minutes with the teacher and she told me she knew he did it and I was helping him clean it up she let both of us off the hook. We didn’t talk after that but before he moved all he said was thank you and I never saw him again. I don’t know where he is. I just hope he’s ok.


I am glad that you helped so many people so many times because so many people in this world do not know how to be kind to other people who are having a rough time dealing with their problems and just remember to always be kind to other because doing one kind thing for someone can help you go a very long way

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