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“Nervous means you want to play, scared means you don’t to play.” — Sherman Alexie

Quotes speak to our personal mantras. As we learn to have conversations and connect to our bigger community, these mantras become important in our lives.

We opened a conversation space in The Lounge for you to suggest another personal mantra to add to the space above.


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Week 9

When i was in Moose Jaw i drove to regina a few times, one of those times I visited my brother, he moved their recently to pipeline. Its…

Week 8

I’ve been in Moosomin for almost two days now, My parents were very excited to see me as well as my brother. My brother Rykr has his roommate…

Week 7

I started working with one of my friends that is a self employed painter. I helped her paint for a couple days. I’m also in Moosomin at the…