Poet or Piranha? -Nevin R.

Some quick definitions for each, as I interpreted them:

Poet – a person who creates and cannot do otherwise.

Piranha – a person who does not create and consumes creations.

///// Poet or Piranha? \\\\\

First off, I find it interesting that there must be creation to live. I like that. At least it’s human to always be surrounded by created things, and enjoy them from either side of the divide.

Second off, I don’t think these are static figures. I’ll use myself as an example. Right now – 10/22/2022 or in that range – I am closer to being a piranha than a poet. I see that as a waste, however. I’d like to change that. Which leads to…

Third off, it’s really fucking hard to swim against the current. To change who you are with a destination (or the idea of one) in mind. I suppose that’s what I signed up for, though. And I do want to be closer to a poet than a piranha.

Fourth off, I can become a poet. Perhaps not literally, like a poet that can write poetry or suffer a big ‘ol identity death, but like someone who makes things for others and me.

Fifth off, I need a better list format.

Some piranhas wanted to become poets. Not the most artful photo, but it gets the message across. At least, I think it’s a message of hope.

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