My Comfort Place

I am most comfortable in my home, with my family. I find my house kinda chaotic and loud, but it’s where I’m most comfortable. I find the most peace in my room, laying in my bed listening to music, chilling with my dogs. I also really enjoy how my room looks with the flags and L.E.D. lights and just how it’s arranged. I find my room really aesthetic and nice from the way it’s put together. I have a really nice Bob Marley lamp and two nice shelves. I don’t think others would view it the same because people have different opinions of nice. I find it a really good place for me because that’s where I go to get away from people, and it just makes me happy being in my home in my room.


That lamp you have is also a gift from someone you are close with, and thats important to have around and bring comfort knowing there not around, but still with you.

so your room is you quiet place and its where you go when it gets too much for you i have the same thing only i go downstairs and play a game so i kinda understand what your saying

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