My Purpose

My purpose: I think my purpose in life is to put people before myself. I like to think people come first before me and that people have bigger problems than me. I try so hard every day to help people with their problems and how they’re feeling and help with their emotions. I try and help them every day like I help my best friend, who makes me feel like I’m family. Her mom is like my other mom. I can talk to both about anything, and they won’t judge me. when I have a hard day, I can phone or text her mom and talk to her. Sometimes she will let me come over and talk to her. My friend helps me get through a lot, and I help them, so that’s my purpose in life.

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I like how you put people before yourself cause i like to do that to i like to help other people before my needs. And i think my friends mom is my mother mother. why do you always put peoples needs before yours?

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