My Resilience

I show my resilience through my poetry and short stories. It is my way of accepting the unknown future and handling a difficult situation. My poems speak to me as the author and every metaphor and description is important to the overall story the poem tells to its readers.

My poetry is not the only creativity I use to get through my life. I also daydream a lot, using it to fuel my inner feelings, no matter what they are telling me. Sometimes this isn’t always the best, but it helps me keep going through my life, no matter what is thrown my way.

Just like all types of resilience, creativity is not always easy. Sometimes the daydreams turn dark, and the poetry doesn’t flow the way I want it to. I have realized that this in itself is beautiful. It is a teaching moment, and those are extra creative and fit in with resilience, for you yourself learn more about yourself to get you through the difficult times to come.

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