Why Am I Resilient?

I am resilient because I have a sense of humor and insight. I refuse to let what some jerk says get under my skin just because he thinks he’s funny. Honestly, I’ve been told worse by better, so I don’t care. It’s not worth it. I have this thing in my head, but it seems like not many people do: I can see the outcome of my choices and go down rabbit holes, not in a psychic way, not in the least. I know that if I let every little thing ever said to me be seen as “offensive” or get to me, it will leave me cold and angry. And I’m tired of being angry. 

I laugh and make myself the person people like. I’m not looking for everyone to love me, but is it too much to want not to be hated? I joke because it’s easier than dealing with the emotions I don’t fully understand. I like being the funny person and the person you can laugh with. The only one who can see me would be me if I weren’t this me. That is why I’m resilient.

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