Where I am Safe

I feel safe when I am with my mother because she has been there for me every time I have a seizure or she tries to be there but when I have a doctor’s appointment she is the only person that I want to be with me because she is like my #1 best friend. I count her as my best friend because she makes me feel protected, and loved and most of all makes me feel like I belong to this world and makes me feel like I belong in my family. I also feel safe when I am on call with my boyfriend because he loves me for who I am, and the way I act around him and he lets me be myself because I and him are the same and are practically the same person. Another place where I feel safe is with my best friend Ash Bate because she has helped me with my missing ELA assignments she has also been my favourite person to talk to and also because she has helped when I was having arguments with my brother because he and I can never get along with each other.

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