Acts Of Kindness

For my kindness project I decided to hand-make Christmas/appreciation cards for all the staff members in the school.(42 cards) I started by cutting cardstock paper into smaller cards. I then added a Christmas theme picture to the front, created with water colours and pen. After the cards where decorated I added a letter to back with their names. I then finally delivered the cards to the mail boxes. I chose to do this as my project because I heard a few other people wanting to give cards to certain teachers, which then gave me the idea to include all the staff members. After doing this project I feel a little bit of accomplishment, being able to do something good for others brings me joy. My project made a difference because it gave a little bit of extra joy around the holiday season, it can be stressful around that time of year and to know you are appreciated is sometimes all you need to get through the day. If I could redo this project I would have used my time more wisely, and I would’ve hand- delivered the cards to give it a little more meaning.

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Good job recognizing that teachers don’t get enough appreciation! Too few people do. I got a little introspective over that, thinking about how I view everyone around me and whether it is beneficial to me and them. Thanks for opening up that dialogue in my head!

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