The Kindness Project Reflection

For my kindness project, I thought of gathering blankets and food to bring to the homeless shelter. Unfortunately, after asking everyone that I know and asking my principal to ask on the morning announcements no one had donated anything. Basically, I failed at my original project but it did inspire me to do more little acts of kindness than usual and it pushed me to do things I honestly just don’t want to do and that are out of my comfort zone. for example, the day after I got assigned this project I was in the car on my way to school with my step dad who I pretty much only tolerate. He decides to stop for a morning coffee as per usual but this day I offered to run inside for the coffee instead of him. (mind you this day it’s pretty much minus 40 degrees outside) while inside I decided that I’m going to buy the coffee for him instead of using the money he sent me. so I got his coffee and also thought my little sister should have a hot chocolate and then gave him his money back. I think this had a positive impact on everyone in the car that morning. I think my stepdad was pleasantly surprised by this act and hopefully made his morning a tad bit brighter. for my little sister, I think that it’s good for her to see simple acts of kindness in her day-to-day life and for her to know she deserves kindness for nothing in return and that it’s easy to be kind and just that little things can have big impacts.

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