A Definition of Kindness

What I know:

  • Kindness is an invitation
  • Love and friendship are repeated invitations to kindness
  • Kindness is a positive feedback loop
  • Kindness requires openness, to a degree
  • Kindness is a form of potential. (Scalar, maximum amount always increases)
  • Kindness is an action and an idea
  • Kindness requires dedication
  • Kindness is an investment
  • Kindness is the stuff that bonds people together, and then experience comes along
  • Kindness is very vague, but somehow recognizable in its different forms.
  • Humans have a lot of potential for kindness.

In a few sentences:

Kindness is an invitation to chat in the most human language. Kindness takes effort to have, but it generates more than enough positivity to make for that. Best of all, kindness likes to try and help everyone.

I am thankful for kindness.

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