Writing With Sounds

We can use recorded audio in our posts- spoken words or the sounds of the world around us.

See an example of me (Ms. Saas) using audio within an Art Journal response. Remember your AJ responses for February – June must connect to one pillar from the Circle of Courage.

This is how your audio will appear in your post:

Recording Your Audio

  • Go to Sodaphonic Boombox (opens in new window)
  • Click Start Recording.
  • Wait for the 3-2-1 countdown, then start speaking or just recording audio.
  • Click Stop when done.
  • Enter a descriptive title in the Share Screen
  • Click Save.
  • To use this sound in WordPlace, click the Copy Link button.
  • Save this link in a place you can find later (text message, doc). It will look something like

Adding Your Sound to Your Post

  • Start a new post, give it a title, add a featured image, and start writing to introduce your audio.
  • Press RETURN for a new paragraph
  • PASTE in the link you saved for your audio.
  • The Audio player should appear just like the one above.

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