My best friend singing my favourite song from 3 years ago – February / where do you belong?

My happiest memory where I felt important that I wish I could relive in time forever was when my best friend sang one of my favourite songs from 3 years ago. This moment is so important to me because that was the last time I would see her. I’m still waiting for the day I run into her in public but the chances of that happening are very low; even getting a glimpse of who she is now would give me the closure that she is okay.

The day I met her was the moment I knew I loved her. We clicked instantly and would text every day, but we only hung out once together with her. It was the happiest I’ve been in so long. Losing her forever is something I’ll never get over. I continue living because of her. She made me feel important and seen. Being around her made me feel I knew I belonged.

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