June Sketchbook

What is grad support for me? To me Grad support is another family. Our room is our home away from home. When we are all together it is a very strong place of belonging. On the farm all of us together were able to sit and speak openly without feeling judged. When you are with this amazing group of people you feel and know in your heart that you belong because that is the energy this group gives off. This group of people also helps to develop each other’s mastery. When you succeed the group is there and boosts your confidence in the things you do and when you feel good at what you’re doing you’re more likely to keep doing it. Our little family has so much support for each other which helps us all to fill our Mastery pillar. Grad support has also taught me to be independent. I can take my assignments and go get them done on my own. Without the tools I have learned being in this space I don’t believe I would have been able to do so. Grad support throughout the years I have been in has helped me fill my final pillar of Generosity. Now that I am about to graduate I reflect on recent graduates and what kind of role model I looked up to. Now that I am graduating its my turn to take the tools I have learned in this class and use them in the world to give back what I have been taught.

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