november art journal

What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for the kindness in our world. So much of the time we talk about the negative things, and how or what can change. But I’m thankful for the things we don’t need to change. We are born with just love inside us, hate gets taught to us and I think it’s very unfortunate. Seeing genuine love and kindness for everyone and everything is the most heartwarming experience. We don’t notice all the kindness and love around us until we really pay attention. We’re so trained to focus on the negatives that we often forget about the positives. I’m thankful for the ability to see the love & kindness all over. If we all loved each other, or even tried to understand each other the world would be such a brighter place. I’ve always loved looking for the brighter things in life because they are always there. I love to be kind to people, it brings me so much joy. I wish everyone was able to see the kindness that is all over. 

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