What is My Purpose?

I’m a young student. Short and straightforward, my purpose is to grow. To learn kindness, hopefulness, reflection, and maybe a little bit of creativity too. Naturally, as this is my third edit of this post, I hope that I’m also in the process of learning how to be resilient.

I have an equally important purpose of being a decent sibling, child, classmate, acquaintance, and friend. I will never undervalue the things that others (not my child, I don’t have one of those) have done or taught me. That, and I hate to be responsible for making someone’s life miserable just because I don’t like them.

Lastly, seeing as I haven’t got a clue about my purpose for the future, I’d like to explore different paths for what I could be, rather than what I’d like to be right now. I won’t even discount being a fashion designer!

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