Where am I most grounded?!

I am most grounded in my home in my room or in my bathroom because those are my safe places. I find my best elements and safety, comfort, and peace in my room with all my teddy bears and my music the reason for this is that I can sit in my comfy clothes and relax. This space is where I hid away from most of the negativity in my life, my room is where I help others and my room is where I feel my most self and that means I am happy and I am safe from all the bad. This can be a safe space for people, but that depends on how they are with my family if they go well with family then yeah. I tend to put people to sleep when they are with me I am a comforting person I tend to help others with emotional support and comfort for my friends if they are overstimulated.

This gives off what I give off! I took this picture in 9th grade and I am really proud of it!

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I can realate to this even though me and my family are still unpacking from the last move we did I find my room to be pretty comforting and like that you added the teddy bears for me it would be a body pillow
what kid of teddy bears do you have i’m curious

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