Where am I most grounded? Where do I find the best safety, comfort, and/or peace elements? Why is this space this way for me? Is this space the same way for others? Why? Why Not? Is there an aspect of comfort/safety that I offer? In what ways? 

I feel like walking in a forest sometimes. Like stepping back and staring at a sheer cliff a hundred times larger and older than me. The trees don’t care that I can’t understand my own stories or songs. They don’t mind when I can only see a few vague images of some character or place. And maybe I also like seeing what I’m not able to get.

I hope that I can give others a bit of stability or peace around me. I try to, at least. Make breakfast for the family once in a while, host a board games night at my little trailer for some friends, and even just show up to other people’s lives and try not to stir shit around. I get surprised at how many people need that. I think that makes me sad, too.

Being grounded is like that walk. It’s like those quiet nights with friends, it’s like the kitchen and the smell of eggs (I think I’m getting tired of making eggs, it’s been two years), it’s like sitting out in -20 and watching a frostbitten sun climb up the horizon and light the shimmering air on fire. And sometimes, it’s sharing these things.

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