Where am I most grounded? I feel rooted when I’m in gym training, it’s like my element, and I feel calm and at ease. It’s where I can work on myself without interruption. I feel like my place of peace and comfort is the ball diamond. This space comforts me because it’s where my brother and I spend most of our time together. It’s where I can get away from my problems or worries. I don’t imagine this place is the same for others since not many know it exists. Plus, it’s in the middle of this field in this small town.

I feel like I offer a lot of comfort not only to myself in this space but also to my brother; there are some days when he will come home from school, and he will tell me we need to go and play catch because he just needs time away from life [which for me is understanding from multiple viewpoints]. He knows I’m there for him, and I think he finds comfort in that.

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