I am most grounded when I’m outside. I find peace in seeing the world from a different view than others, instead of being on my phone I will sit and stare out wherever I am, usually near water. This space is this way because I hate being inside all day. It brings me peace to have beautiful sights of the world. This space is not the same for everyone since everyone has different places for being grounded how could my space be the same for everyone? We all find peace in different parts of life.


I enjoy this and I find this interesting because I don’t really know you. I am honestly kinda surprised because I am kinda the same way. I love flowers so when i am gardening i feel like its something i should do as a pass time.

this was a beautiful piece of writing, it’s amazing how much nature does for our well-being, our souls, and our minds.
I personally do not know you as a person, however, I can say that I agree with what you said, when I’m outside I feel calm, but I feel like I loose touch with all of reality

I relate to this a lot, the way you explained it was nice and simple although very deep at the same time. being outside is a very healthy place to feel grounded. this was a beautiful piece and made me physically feel calm just reading it, good job!

I loved how you said outside is peaceful and getting to see the sights of nature. I agree with you that goibg outside makes me grounded. But why do you feel grounded outside why is that.

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